The APPG on Nutrition for Development


Malnutrition is one of the leading causes of ill-health and death worldwide. We are committed to ending it.



Parliament dissolved, APPG activity paused for General Election



From Thursday 30th May 2024 the APPG will be dissolved for the General Election campaign. 



The APPG on Nutrition for Development formally ceases to have status on 30th May 2024 and will not therefore be active until it is reconstituted in a new Parliament.




Strict parliamentary rules prohibit APPGs from making public comment, holding events, undertaking research, issuing communications, or allowing others to do so in their name during a General Election. They are also prohibited from any sort of campaigning.



The APPG is therefore not able to reply to public correspondence or media inquiries during this time.



Until it is reconstituted, the APPG’s website will not be updated. Existing content, and the group’s membership list, should be considered historic.




We hope to be able to reconstitute the APPG on Nutrition for Development in the next Parliament.


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